Thursday, 28 July 2016


Why would a great worldly known producer need/work with another producer?  Who would make a great collabo today?  Who was a great collabo? (name track too)

Such a brilliant question.  This comes from, to me, a person who truly cares about another person (in that time).  I was too blind.. so blind to see the truth (in that time).  I am forever sorry.  I am forever shamed.


To have a fresh set of ears in the studio to hear what another person is not hearing is one reason two producers would collaborate.  Creativity is what brings forth the best music.  Originality is what separates good music, from great music.  Music that stands the test of time comes from the soul.  From deductive reasoning, would not two souls be better than one?  So to answer this question; I think the new spark of energy coming from an external source could generate increased creativity and take a song that did not exist in this plane of existence, manifested through a secondary source, and bring it to life.  Life here on Earth.

A great collaborative effort between Quincy Jones and The Rza would be sensational!

There is a song called "Numbers on the Board" by Pusha T that was introduced to me by my brother "Kyu" I think is sonically superior.  I'm strictly talking about the production.  The producers of that song are Kanye West & Swiss Beats.  You would have to google Swiss Beats - Numbers on the Board to hear his contribution.  I'm not a fan of any of these artists, but could not deny how great the music sounds.

I Love You

Arriving home from the bank

Hi Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife

I have just arrived home from the bank.  Everything I say, is the truth.  There are things I am not afraid to tell You, as they demean myself, however, the truth is what I stand for.  Always tell the truth, is another lesson in life I would teach You if I were allowed in Your lives.  It is so much deeper, especially from my point of view.  The truth is more valuable than any money or material item that can be purchased.  As You grow, You learn the simple things in life are the most difficult to acquire.  Love, Honesty, and Loyalty are three of these priceless notions I speak of.

I have sent money to You, as I said I would today.  I will continue to send more each month.

I Love You

I hope You have a fantastic day Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife.

I really need and miss You.

I Love You



Last Nights Dream of You - Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife

Good Morning Oshone
Good Morning Amari
Good Morning Kwaku
Good Morning Na'Zyia
Good Morning Ife

I pray that You have a wonderful day, today.  All Your days, I pray are joyous.  This reminds me of the prayer that I said for You last night before I went to bed.  My prayers are genuine, and so much so that I always say the things I want for You in moments of my prayers, but when sitting here at my desk, the words never seem to come out right.  The first part of my prayer (as I fight to recall);

"Dear God, I pray that Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife do not have a care in the world.  That they are care-free.  This is when happiness is most pure.  That their happiness far exceeds any happiness I have ever known".

These are how my prayers for You unfold.  Always expressed in terms of Your best interests.  Every choice I make, is for Your best interests.  Again, this reminds me of my dream.  I dreamt that we were all on a beach, in the Caribbean Islands.  Their was so much joy.  Their was such smiles of delight on Your faces.  The sun was shining, the Ocean was beautiful, The wind was ever flowing, and the Tree's, Birds, and most of all- You 5 amazing Children were all present in my most amazing dream.

Every choice I make, is for Your best interests.  I will not play with life.  I take life very seriously.  I strive to make six figure income by September 2016.  I am getting close.  I am not playing with life.

I do this, for You.
Nothing is impossible.

I Love You,


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Good Night Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife

I pray that You are all resting well, Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife. 

I have just come in from work and am sitting at the desk writing You to say that I have thought of You all day, and that I Love You so much. 

I was thinking.  The man that I have become; I do not want to share with anyone else.  This may seem selfish, but I feel that I owe You everything.  I want to say one thing very clearly.  I am a completely different person than the father You once knew.  I have evolved.  I have searched deep within myself for pure good.  I need You to hear me.  I have searched for the good in me, in order to eliminate the bad.  It is a painful process, because it means I have been lying to myself for years.  Telling myself I was a good person.  Now I know the truth.  Now I am truly becoming the greatest human being I can be.

I want to do this for myself, but it is the influence of You - Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife. 

I Love You so much.  I was also thinking while at work, that I would love to take You on ski trips!  It just occurred to me how I feel You would enjoy this trip so much.

As always, I pray You are resting well (it is 1:36 am) and are full.  Full of healthy food, love, and joy.  Joy in anticipation of what tomorrow may bring.

I Love You Oshone
I Love You Amari
I Love You Kwaku
I Love You Na'Zyia (Birthday Girl!!!)
I Love You Ife

Goodnight babies,



Good afternoon Children.

Good afternoon Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife

I Love You.  I am on my way to work, and You are on my mind.  I hurt deeply, inside because I am not allowed to see You.  I write these words, to keep my spirit strong in missing You, and wanting to be actively involved in Your lives.

I understand, this is my punishment.

I Love You

I Miss You



Oshone Osai, Amari Mosiah, Kwaku Oluwasei Na'Zyia Skye Ife Lia'Jasiri

Good morning Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife

I Love You.

I dreamt last night that we were all taking swimming lessons.  I am more than able to traverse the waters, however, I would not display an audacity giving me the confidence to believe that I could teach You.  I would hire a professional, and enjoy Your company while You learn.  It is important to learn when You are young.  There are so many things You should learn when You are young, such as a second language (or more), developing an interest in mathematics and physics, chemistry, biology, English literature, music theory, various physical activities (tennis, golf, and many other sports).

I would give anything to be with You, Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife.  Know this.

I Love You, and have a blessed day.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Good Night Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, Ife

Hello Oyo, Mosi, Kijana, Zyia (Birthday Girl!!), Ka Ka

I Love YOU!!!
I Miss You!

I want to be with You, spending quality time, as we did on our regular journey through life, although the Love You showed me, and the Love I showed You was extra ordinary.  That it could be taken away so quickly is a lesson in life.  Never take anything or anyone You Love for granted.

I was also thinking, while at work today that be careful what You do.  One mistake could cost You.  Tremendously.  That You may be judged by Your actions or Your behavior no matter Your own justification.  You have to really be careful in this world, and always think once, twice, three times before You act.  Seriously.  Think before You act, and take pride in everything You do.  Be the same person alone when no one is watching, that You are when You know Your actions are being observed by one or many people.  Be consistent.  Be good.  Be true to Yourself.

I Love You

Zyia, I have the most amazing present for You! 

I Love You Oshone
I Love You Amari
I Love You Kwaku
I Love You Na'Zyia Birthday Girl
I Love You Ife