Saturday, 28 May 2016

Oshone Osai, Amari Mos, Kwaku Kijana, Na'Zyia Babe, Ife Lia

I haven't been able to sleep, nor stop thinking of You.  I miss You..

Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, and Ife

Hello Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia and Ife.

I miss You with all that I am.
I Love You with more than I am.
I am forever sorry..


Your Daddy

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, and Ife

I have been home now for a bit now, after a long day at work.  I have been doing nothing but thinking about You Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, and Ife.  Due to the fact that I am striving to be a better man, I feel very down on myself because I wish I were a better Father for You.  I do everything in my life to make Your lives better.  In addition to paying monthly child support, I set aside extra money for You as a trust fund.  This is the man and Father I am.

Your beds and all the things I have bought for You sit in Your home (the home I am in) collecting dust.  This hurts.

Always see the good in life.  Know that I pray every day, and every night that You are all warm, comfortable, happy, and most of all, holding Love within Your hearts.


I Love You


Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia and Ife

From Daddy's heart;

Oshone , I Miss You

Amari, I Miss You

Kwaku, I Miss You

Na'Zyia, I Miss You

Ife, I Miss You

I Love You and most of all..

I am sorry


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Oyo, Mari, 'Jana, Zyia Babe, Ka Ka

Hello children,

I have just got in from work.  It is 11:58 pm on a Tuesday night and You are all that is on my mind.
I Miss You so much.

I Love You so much.

Love Daddy

Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, and Ife

I Love You

Love Daddy

Monday, 23 May 2016

Oshone, Amari, Kwaku, Na'Zyia, and Ife

Hello again,

I was thinking today, while walking through all Your bedrooms that I preach positivity to everyone I know.  That the legacy You (our children) leave behind should be one where You are consistently positive.  But what exactly does this mean?

It means, from my point of view, that You should always look for the good in everyone, and in every situation You may find Yourself in.  I see now, that I was correct in this assertion.   That many of the philosophies I have held for many years, were not necessarily practiced by myself, but now that I am who I am, it is a rewarding feeling to embody only the good in life. 

I wanted to also say, that I study Quantum Mechanics vigorously.  I am such a student of science, that I wish only I were allowed to pass on what I know to You.  An example;

Sub atomic particles such as electrons, which have a mass and occupy space (therefore, they are physical objects) are unique, in that they can be in two different places, at the exact same time.  This means, nature has so many surprises up it's sleeve.  The fact that virtual particles can pop in and out of existence, may be evidence that there are hidden dimensions in space.  We know, for instance that there are three space dimensions, and one time in our Universe.  However, there are theories of extra dimensions, where space may have ten dimensions.  String Theory postulates such a theory. 

I have so much more to say, but feel that typing these words, if read one day by You, would bore.  I would give anything to see You and share my knowledge.  I have so much to give.

I have paid over $15 000 in court fee's and $8000 00 in child support.  I pray You are receiving the money orders I have sent.  I have also sent birthday money, which I will continue to do.  In Your bedrooms, I have clothes for You, and beds, lamps and so much more.  I would give these things to You directly, but sadly, I am not allowed.  I cannot even give You a birthday card.  So, I am doing the best I can, without You knowing.  This hurts very deeply.

But remember; look for the good in any situation You may find Yourself in.  In this case, I not only see the good, but understand that none of this would have happened if I were a good man, through and through.  I truly thought I was, but my eyes were opened wide.  I can see all the things that I have done wrong, and look to correct my mistakes.  To be a good person, from every thought, feeling, and then action I express is who Your father is now. 

I want to say, that I am not delusional.  I am not unrealistic.  I know that I will never have a second chance at Love, but I may have a second chance at being with our children.  Caring for You, and being a great father for You.  This is what means everything to me.  Unselfishly.  I humble myself.

I Love You children,

Never doubt this.

Your Daddy